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As if the controversial night of Tiffany Haddish with Beyoncé wasn’t savage enough, the “Girls Trip” star has now revealed that an actress bit the “Formation” singer in the face during a fight.

The controversy first started a few weeks ago, when Haddish told Vulture that something went down in the party where she met Queen B. Eventually confessing that Bey convinced her to not get involved in a fight with an invited actress.

The superstar apparently told her to to have a good time, while she was determined to beat up said person. “She was like, ‘No, Tifanny, have fun’, and I told her that I would but only if she took a selfie with me,” Haddish revealed.

Now, Tiffany has revealed the whole story, admitting that the fight began because this woman was flirting with Jay Z and had her hands all over him.

There was this actress there, that’s just like doing the mostest. She bit Beyoncé in the face, Haddish revealed to GQ.So Beyoncé stormed away, went up to Jay Z and was like ‘Jay! Come here! This bitch -‘ and snatched him and went to the back of the room. I was like ‘What just happened?’ and Bey’s friend came up to me and was like ‘Can you believe this bitch just bit Beyoncé?’

And so then,” she continues. “A lot of things happened…

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